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Welcome to Qualified Finder

Qualified Finder is a unique  freelance website,  job site and marketplace that combines consultant jobs, freelance jobs, contract jobs, remote jobs, self-employed jobs, part-time and full-time jobs in one place.

Qualified Finder helps businesses and employers to hire qualified suppliers, job seekers, contractors, freelancers and consultants through job applications, job and project advertisement on this job search site.

Employers can post job vacancies and projects to hire the most suitable candidates from our talent pool of employees, freelancers, job seekers, contractors and consultants.

About Qualified Finder

Qualified Finder aims to facilitate connections between businesses and qualified suppliers, job seekers, contractors, tenders, freelancers and consultants through our profile based job marketplace.

Qualified Finder is a job site and job marketplace that that was created on the idea that today’s workforces are more diverse than ever. Employers are no longer looking to hire for just one type of employed position: they are looking for freelancers to fill short term projects, consultants to advise and keep them on the right track and contractors for more complex or specialist tasks.

We are a job site and job marketplace that connects businesses and recruiters with quality job seekers, professionals across all industries and at every stage of their career, freelancers and contractors in one place.

As a job seeker, you can browse all types of job opportunities in your industry or specialist area. This include part and full-time jobs, consultant jobs, freelance jobs and contract jobs. You can find contracts, freelance work, consulting projects or if you prefer, an employed role. There really is something for everyone. Alternatively, if you’re a recruiter or employer, we offer lots for you as well to make the process of finding highly skilled and qualified workforce as easy as possible. You can browse highly skilled and qualified candidates, review profiles, post opportunities and review applications directly through this job marketplace.

Our job site and job marketplace is the perfect place to start your search for part-time jobs, full-time jobs, consultant jobs, freelance jobs and contract jobs. Whether you’re a job seeker or employer, we offer you something unique, bringing people together to start long or short term projects. More

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The job marketplace has evolved considerably in recent years and as it continues to do so, businesses must learn to adapt. That said, these changes are creating more interesting and unique ways of working and opportunities for those looking for jobs and projects to work on.

More companies are recruiting for remote positions, and many are offering flexible work arrangements to employees. This means that there are more opportunities than ever before for people to find work that suits their lifestyle and needs.

To find the best jobs and projects, it is important to know where to look. Qualified Finder is an online job marketplace that specialises in helping today's diverse workforce find the perfect opportunity, whether this is an employed post or it's a project based assignment. There are so many opportunities out there and we bring them to you. More

What We Do

Qualified Finder job site and online marketplace offers a variety of features to help users in their job search, including a personalised dashboard, job seeker profile and so much more.

The way in which our job site was designed makes it easy for businesses to find quality talent, and for freelancers to connect with potential employers. With its comprehensive approach to the job search process, Qualified Finder is an essential resource for anyone looking for quality work opportunities.

We are passionate about employment – from full time, permanent positions through to temporary contracts and longer term projects for freelancers and consultants. We are one of the few job site and online job marketplaces which bring together recruiters and business owners looking to hire with freelancers, contractors and job seekers in one place.

We combine our expertise to bring you a selection of job opportunities and candidates across many different industries and job types, from part time and temporary to contract, project and fixed fee job opportunities. Qualified Finder is simple to use, convenient and secure. More

Our Mission

At Qualified Finder, our mission is to make job searching or recruiting a seamless task. We do this by serving two audiences. The first is for recruiters. Taking the stress out of finding qualified people to work with your company. The second is to make the process easier if you are looking for work. We do this by connecting businesses with the very best talent and making sure that business owners and job seekers have all the information they need to succeed.

Our mission is to also provide services that reflect the nature of today’s workplaces – we recognise that there is more to work than employed nine to five positions. Workplaces are now made up of freelancers, consultants and contractors. We accommodate all these ways of working.

To deliver the best to our members, we place great emphasis on delivering an exceptional standard of service. Our job site and job marketplace is designed around you. Features that help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, whether that’s finding the perfect new venture or selecting the most qualified candidate to work for your company. More

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