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At  Qualified Finder, you will find information, advice, and guidance to help you make the right steps and choices about progressing to employment, career development, accessing education and training. This will help you find your dream job. You may find useful career advice resources to help you throughout your job search, from CV writing to starting your job.

Qualified Place

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24th Jan 2019

The Right Place for Qualified Job Seekers

Qualified Place is a UK based job board that serves recruiters and job seekers in the UK and beyond by bringing together candidates and employers who need to focus on qualifications, professionalism and skills. ...

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Applying for a job

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13th Mar 2022

What are sales and marketing jobs?

The purpose of sales and marketing jobs is to promote products or services to gain more sales and customers. Sales jobs are more based on approaching potential customers to try and get sales, while marketing is a more subtle approach. ...

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31st Dec 2020

What is a personal statement and how to write it

If you are in a position where you are looking and applying for jobs, chances are you will be requested to complete a personal statement as part of the recruitment process. If you are new to the job market or maybe just keen to brush up on your job search skills, then follow the next top tips on how to write a personal statement. It is really about Selling Yourself. ...

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CVs and Cover Letters

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01st Jul 2021

Job search cover letter

How to write an engaging job search cover letter: Your job search cover letter should be written correctly and professionally to help you secure your dream job. ...

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03rd Jan 2021

How to compete in the labour market

With more people than ever trying to find a job, being able to compete and succeed in the labour market is crucial. Here are our top tips to help you stand out from the crowd. ...

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02nd Jan 2021

Top career advice tips for mid-level professionals

The important thing to remember is that as a career professional your skills and abilities are needed in the marketplace, you just need to promote to the right person. Forward movement can be created by focusing your efforts on what you want and partnering with others to get it. ...

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Finding a Job

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08th Aug 2021

How to find working from home jobs in the UK

This article will show you where to find them. Depending on things like study or other commitments you may find that a working from home job in the UK suits you best. The nice thing about this kind of employment is that it can often be fitted around other busy schedules or timetables so you can still earn while fulfilling other obligations. ...

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02nd Aug 2021

How to find jobs in London

This article will help you to find a job in London. Getting the position that you want can sometimes be challenging. London job vacancies are abundant, but as a city with an extremely high population, so is the competition. Getting ahead of the other applicants is not easy, but with a bit of effort, it can be done. ...

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Career Guides and Tips

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04th Jul 2022

Jobs in London Career Guide

Finding jobs in London is much easier when you have a guide that teaches you how. This article introduces you to the job market in London, how to find London jobs, where to look and where to find information and advice on your job search. ...

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13th Jun 2022

Construction Jobs: A Comprehensive Career Guide

In this article, learn some of the job opportunities that exist in the construction sector, how to find them and the duties, skills and requirements of different roles. You will also be given information on writing a construction CV and developing your career. ...

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26th Jun 2019

What Should I Do After PhD?

If you have a PhD, you may struggle to find a job that is suitable to your qualifications outside academic teaching, particularly if your PhD grades were not in the top post-graduates to be hired to teach at University or work in Research Institutions. Here are some tips about what you should to get your dream job. ...

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Job Search

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17th Aug 2021

How to find part-time Jobs in London ?

Looking for part-time work in the UK or London area? This article will help you to find work. Part-time jobs in the UK and particularly London are relatively easy to locate if you know where to look if you only need a job with a limited number of hours. If you need a job to fit around school or other commitments, try some of these tips. ...

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19th Jun 2021

Tips for effective job search UK

When searching for a new job there are many websites and job search tools that can be taken advantage of. Performing an effective job search can be the thing that enables you to move your career forward. With a huge number of jobs posted daily across multiple job boards and other outlets, your job search will need to be as effective as possible to ensure success. Qualified Finder is one of the best job site you can use in your job search. ...

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