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If you're an employer, a business or recruiter with a job vacancy to fill or a project to carry out, you can post your job opportunity or request for proposals on our online job marketplace. You may have a full time or part time role to fill, an important project that requires a consultant or a short term or long term contract, we have you covered. There is no limit to the jobs that you can publish to our job site. One job advertisement or lots of different ones, it’s entirely up to you.  When you submit a project to Qualified Finder, you can instantly expose it to hundreds of potential qualified candidates. 

You can set specific criteria by defining the knowledge, skills, competencies and experience you require and start to receive applications from candidates that match your needs. You can review, compare and select the most eligible candidate for your job, consultancy or contract. 

If you want to post a job, you can include things such as working hours, salary, requirements and job duties. For project, consultancy or contract work, you can state important details such as the duration, details of the work required and set out what criteria the applicant must possess to be considered. This is particularly beneficial if you have very specific recruitment needs. 

The process of posting a job, project, consultancy or contract is simple and efficient and takes away the hassle and time-consuming task of trawling through multiple applications. We make sure that you only receive quality job applications from candidates that fit your needs, so that you can focus on what's important - making the right appointment. You can also set up alerts to highlight candidates who may be suitable so you can review their profile and contact them if you wish. 

Monitor the progress of your job, contract or consultancy job opportunity and see how many applicants you have received and view their application documents through your recruiter portal. You can also add to or edit your job listing to ensure that it is uniquely tailored to your company’s needs. Be as detailed as possible and you will attract the right applicants. 

You are in full control of the recruitment process from start to finish. Your job opportunities can also be sent to job seekers directly through our job alerts feature. This can be set by candidates to notify them if your job is a good match for what they are looking for. The whole process is designed to be as seamless as possible to make online job search and recruitment simple and stress free. Post jobs, connect with candidates and grow your team through Qualified Finder. 

We cover all industries and sectors, and our team is on hand to support you throughout the process of finding your next great hire. If you have any questions about how online job marketplace work, queries about uploading your job ad or any other question for us, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team to see how we can help. 
Let's get your recruitment tasks checked off and make the best start possible.