Frequently Asked Questions

From our ‘Jobs’ page you may advertise a job by clicking on ‘post a job’. Once you have done that, it’s then a simple case of choosing an advert type and completing the advert details. Your advert will go live once you’ve for it.

You may make changes to your job advert by visiting our ‘Jobs’ page and using the edit function found on your posted advert. Remember to click ‘update job’ to ensure your changes are saved.

Your job advert needs to encourage the best matching candidates to apply, whilst eliminating irrelevant candidates. To do this make sure you include as much information as possible. You should list the personal traits, qualifications and any other special requirements the preferred candidate must hold.

Candidates will appreciate a response, even if it’s to tell them that they have been unsuccessful. However, a positive response or call to interview will be much more exciting. To respond to a candidate’s CV or application you can do so but clicking on the ‘email this candidate’ button.

All new applications or applications you have yet to open will appear highlighted in your list. Once these have been clicked upon or opened they will turn to a non-highlighted colour and be less noticeable in your list of candidates. New applications will also appear at the top of the list.