How are we unique?


Qualified Finder is a unique  job site and job marketplace in that we combine job search, consultancy, contracting, freelancing and recruiting in one place. We have spent many years developing and fine tuning our job marketplace to make it the best it can be. Our goal is to make job search easier and faster for everyone.

We believe that our job board and job marketplace can help job seekers in a number of ways. For one, it offers a great way to search for jobs. Members can easily find the latest job vacancies in their area of interest and apply in just a few clicks. Additionally, this  board and job marketplace provides a great way for job and contract seekers to connect with recruiters and employers. We offer a variety of tools that allow members to network, connect with potential employers, and learn more about the latest job openings.

We also believe that our job site can help businesses too. We want you to find the best talent. Your business success depends on it. Our  job board allows businesses to post job vacancies and reach a large pool of potential candidates. Additionally, with the profile feature, you are free to browse through suitable and qualified members of this online  job marketplace to find the most suitable people to join your company. Our search feature and other tools enable you to find the perfect addition to your team.  

There are very few job marketplaces in the recruitment sector who bring together consultancy, employed positions, freelancing and contractors in one place and connect these job and project seekers with recruiters and business owners. 

Most job marketplaces offer traditional 9-5 jobs or freelance job opportunities, but not both. As the jobs landscape continues to change, Qualified Finder is leading the way. 

Our focus is on connecting high calibre candidates with quality employers. The  UK and overseas companies we attract to our job marketplace are seeking top talent to fill employed vacancies, to cover freelance projects, to work on contracts or even to consult on various aspects of businesses. 

We are a forward thinking job marketplace and are always innovating to make our  job marketplace better. We regularly add new features and tools to our job site to help job seekers and businesses. We are also constantly expanding our reach by adding new locations, industries, and companies as we evolve.

If you are looking for a job, or if you are a business owner or manager who is looking for talent, we encourage you to sign up to our job marketplace. We believe that you will find our website to be a valuable resource in your job or talent search.

We have an ethos of quality over quantity, and this is apparent in everything that we do. We believe that by offering a high quality job marketplace, with genuine members, we can contribute to a more enjoyable recruitment process for everyone. We invest in our tech and strive to make the website as user friendly as possible. From posting a job to browsing candidates, we want every click and every task to be effortless. 

A customer focused approach drives everything we do, and we are always looking for feedback from our users. We believe that by listening to our users and constantly improving our job marketplace, we can provide the best possible experience for everyone. 

We understand that today's businesses are more diverse than ever before. Jobs must fit in with the needs of the business and as a result, businesses work best with a combination of employed staff, freelancers, consultants and contractors. This is where we excel. A   job marketplace offering all four types of jobs, in one place. 

Qualified Finder is the only job marketplace you need for all your recruitment needs. We are unique and we offer a variety of benefits that other job marketplaces cannot match.

Every feature on our website is designed to either make the job search process easy or streamline recruitment. We have thought of everything, from the application process through to search facility and more. We use our expertise of the recruitment sector to deliver exactly what job seekers and recruiters want and need from a job marketplace. 
We genuinely believe that we offer something that is truly different from traditional job boards and job marketplaces. When it comes to understanding the needs of recruiters, we have developed a deep understanding, and this is evident in the features we offer. 

We are not just another job board; we are a job marketplace and community that is changing the way people find work. We believe that our job marketplace can help job seekers and businesses in lots of ways. We cover job opportunities in all industries and locations, with a variety of different types of roles available.

 Whether you are a business owner hoping to find a consultant to advise on IT, marketing consultant, software developer, IT consultant, management consultant, finance or operations, or a freelancer looking to find a new creative role, there really is something for everyone. 

You may currently be in an employed role and you're looking to keep your options open by branching out into contract, consulting or freelance roles. We have you covered. Our search facility will allow you to find all suitable jobs that match your criteria. 

We believe that job seekers and businesses should have a choice and that is what we offer. We are changing the way people find work and we are doing it by offering a  job marketplace that is simple to use, with a focus on quality. 
If you are looking for a job or if you are looking for talent, we encourage you to sign up for our job marketplace and see for yourself all the features that we offer for both recruiters and those looking for work.