What We Do

If there are certain qualifications required to work in your business, we aim to deliver candidates with the right skill set. The workers you appoint should be an asset to your business. When you manage your vacancies with us, your recruitment worries are banished, and job seekers can feel confident they are applying for quality opportunities. It’s win-win for everyone.  Qualified Finder job site and marketplace offers a variety of features to help users in their job search, including a personalised dashboard, job seeker profile and so much more. 
The way in which our job site was designed makes it easy for businesses to find quality talent, and for freelancers to connect with potential employers. With its comprehensive approach to the job search process, Qualified Finder is an essential resource for anyone looking for quality work opportunities.

We are passionate about employment – from full time, permanent positions through to temporary contracts and longer term projects for freelancers and consultants. We are one of the few job site and job  marketplaces who bring together recruiters and business owners looking to hire with freelancers, contractors and job seekers in one place.

We are constantly evolving job site and  marketplace to bring you the best possible experience. Time, technology and effort goes into every aspect of our job site to deliver quality jobs and a tailored experience for our customers.

We strongly believe in supporting all businesses to help people at all stages of their career find something suitable.  
We combine our expertise to bring you a selection of job opportunities and candidates across many different industries and job types, from part time and temporary to contract, project and fixed fee job opportunities. Qualified Finder is simple to use, convenient and secure.

The process of searching for new opportunities shouldn’t be difficult, and we make it as easy and stress free as possible. If you’re looking for your next big opportunity, we can offer: 
    • An easy to use job board and marketplace where you can quickly and easily search for new opportunities 
    • A wide range of job opportunities for job seekers, freelancers, contractors and consultants 
    • Technology that allows you to set up tailored job alerts 
    • A simple application process 
    • Upload your CV 
    • Create your own business or job seeker profile 
    • Access to premium features
    • Tailored job opportunity search 
    • Lots of tips, tools and advice to make finding your next employment opportunity a huge success. 

We haven’t forgotten about recruiters and business owners looking to find high calibre workers. We offer you: 

    • A fast and simple process to search for and find suitable candidates 
    • The ability to easily advertise your job opportunities, contracts, consulting and freelance projects on a long term or short term basis 
    • Features  to connect with  and select suitable candidates 
    • Easy to use job marketplace 

We are always adding new businesses and recruiters to our database and as our company continues to grow, we hope to attract high skilled candidates to fill exciting employment, freelance and contract opportunities. 

Benefits of choosing Qualified Finder 

There are countless reasons to choose us as your preferred job search or recruitment job marketplace: 
    • We want to attract the highest quality jobs and projects on flexible terms that you specify. 
    • Our job site is not just focused on full time employed roles. You can take advantage of the facility to post freelance, contract or consulting roles. 
    • Save money and time if you decide to post your job vacancy  with us. 
    • Find qualified candidates so you have peace of mind that they can step into the role and hit the ground running to help your business succeed. 

We have lots of helpful resources on our website too, from recruitment advice through to CV tips and job search information. 

We pride ourselves on our transparency and clarity in our job board and job marketplace. We offer complete security and peace of mind that you can manage your applications in one place. To find out more about our job marketplace and see how it works, sign up for a free account so you can explore more. 

For any questions on our job marketplace whether you’re a recruiter or job seeker, we would love to hear from you. We invite our website users to let us know what you think as we are committed to constant improvement. 

Employers - Searching for Qualified Candidates 

The recruitment process can be a minefield. Sifting through applications, CVs and cover letters, trying to find the needle in the haystack – it’s no mean feat. And that’s before you’ve even met them. Once you have whittled down your options and chosen who to interview, there is still no guarantee that they will be the right fit for the role. It’s a time-consuming process that can be frustrating, costly and ultimately unsuccessful. 

With Qualified Finder, you can approach recruitment with a fresh, new outlook. You can find highly skilled and qualified job seekers and reach out to them, or you can create job ads with specific criteria to attract the right people to your company. We are a job marketplace that connects businesses and recruiters with quality job seekers, professionals across all industries and at every stage of their career, freelancers and contractors in one place. Our job search and  marketplace is structured in a way that is flexible to the needs of your business. Any type of vacancy you need to fill, we can help you fill it. 

Qualified Finder is simple to use, convenient and secure. The job search process shouldn’t be difficult, and we make it as easy as possible. 

Here's How it Works 

Post a job opportunity: You can easily post your job online in minutes. Just create an account, write a job, project or contract description and post it to this  job bord and marketplace. 
Browse candidates: Once your job is live, you can start browsing through the profiles of suitable candidates. 
Contact candidates: When you find a candidate you like, you can easily get in touch with them through our job site and marketplace. 

Hire the right candidate: Once you have found the right candidate for the job, you can make an offer and finalise the details through our job marketplace. It’s that simple.

Fees: As we want to attract the best employers and candidates to our job site and marketplace, we do charge a fee for using our services, but they are competitive. This will ensure that we can continue to provide the exclusive features that you just can’t find on other job  marketplaces and job boards.