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04th Feb 2019

When it comes to understanding company recruitment needs and skills shortages, we really are one of a kind. We specialise in the highly skilled and executive job market, particularly in occupations where businesses generally face skills shortages, including engineering, information technology, teaching, consultancy, oil and gas and healthcare. We focus on hard to fill roles across the UK and internationally, making it easier for companies to secure top talent for specialist roles. As we understand the potential implications of Brexit, we focus on delivering the highest quality of service to our clients and candidates. Whether you are looking to fill key roles in your business, or you are a candidate looking to secure a new role, we are here to simplify the process for you. If you are worried about the effects of Brexit on your business, get in touch with us and we’ll find the best approach for you to ensure you continue to deliver an outstanding service to your clients. If you are unaffected by Brexit, but you are struggling to fill key roles, we can help. Get in touch with us today and we will help you find the best way to move forward.

We have high calibre candidates, both qualified and skilled to help improve your business prospects. Candidates looking to secure their next role, whether in the UK, Europe or Overseas, will find a selection of their very best highly skilled and executive roles on our job board. We want to help ensure you retain the freedom to move around and we will work with you to find the best role to suit your skills and experience. Take a look at our current job opportunities, where you will find a selection of exciting new roles to suit your needs. We are constantly adding to our current vacancies, so if you can’t find a role to suit you right now, keep coming back or sign up for our job alerts. We add new jobs daily. 

Supporting Smooth and Effective  Recruitment

Unemployment rates are currently at the lowest rate in the UK since the 1970’s, which is further increasing the skills shortage in many highly skilled jobs. The imminent departure from the EU is only set to contribute further to the shortage, with 53% of UK businesses expecting recruitment issues to worsen after Brexit.

Businesses are worried about the visa restrictions which might be placed on their highly skilled workers, making it more difficult to fill roles or replace workers who are either forced or choose to leave the UK. Net migration to the UK from EU countries is already taking a hit, currently sitting the lowest level in six years, according to the Office for National Statistics.

It is imperative that countries from across the globe start to take stock of their skills shortages and find ways to address these. This job board has been set up to help employers deal with international skills shortages for executive roles in specialised areas such as medical/healthcare, technology, engineering, nuclear energy, oil and gas, IT and design.

These skills shortages are not just prevalent in the UK and Europe (although they are likely to become worse here due to Brexit.) The shortages also affect overseas countries. STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) play a vital part in the growth of the economy and these are areas we are increasingly facing severe skills shortages.

This job board is one of its kind. It has been developed to help keep recruitment simple and make it easier to hire candidates from anywhere in the world.

We specialise in occupations where there is a worldwide skills shortage, including IT, medicine and biomedical science, researchers, teachers, engineers and consultancy. It is particularly relevant for the UK at the moment, where Brexit is likely to make skills shortages more prominent. We specialise in the highly skilled and executive job market and we aim to reduce skills shortages for employers throughout the world. We have taken the time to understand the recruitment needs of organisations both locally (UK and Europe) and internationally. Highly Skilled and Executive Job Market

The skills shortages experienced internationally are most prominent in the highly skilled and executive job market. In the UK, occupations on the skills shortage list include, engineering professionals, IT specialists and programmers, medical practitioners, nurses and health professionals and paramedics. Similar skills shortages apply internationally, including the US who need to hire around 2.3 million healthcare workers by 2025 to be able to cope with demands, according to reports.

The New Zealand skills shortage list also includes engineering, health and social services and IT. The same stands in Australia and many other countries across the globe. Highly skilled professionals are those who have specialised skills and experience, making them an important asset to a business. This is not to say that unskilled workers are not valued, but they can be trained much easier than highly skilled or executive professionals.

For example, a doctor will study for several years before they are qualified to do the job. The knowledge and skills can’t be taught on the job, unlike lower skilled jobs, such as customer service representatives or cleaners. This is where the difficulty lies. There are not enough candidates out there with the required qualifications and experience to fill highly skilled and executive roles, which makes them like gold dust to employers.

Candidates looking to go into highly skilled fields will need to study relevant degrees. Some of the most common degrees which allow graduates to obtain employment in highly skilled roles include, adult nursing, dentistry, teacher training, architecture, marketing, journalism, design studies, mathematics, law and business studies, civil engineering and information technology. There is a difference between qualified and skilled candidates.

Qualified candidates may have the relevant degree to undertake an executive role, but they may not have experience. In the same way, skilled candidates may not be qualified, but they might have relevant experience.

The relevance depends on the job. For example, you wouldn’t hire a doctor without qualifications, but most companies would consider a doctor straight from university, who might not necessarily have the skills yet. On the other hand, an IT specialist may be hired based on their skillset, even if they are not qualified. Whether an organisation chooses to hire qualified, skilled or both really depends on the nature of the business. If it’s possible to hire a mix of both, without compromising the quality of the service, it would make sense to do so. 

Current Job Opportunities 

Within the areas of skills shortages, the opportunities are widespread. In engineering, we are typically finding vacancies throughout process and design, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, quality and assurance and chemical engineering. Job opportunities in ICT include, software developers, web design and database administrators. There are severe shortages in the healthcare sector, including doctors, nurses, dieticians, intensive care practitioners. Obviously, these occupations are vital for our economy and welfare, so severe skills shortages could lead to a worldwide crisis. We believe that through working together with businesses and candidates, we can find a solution and help to build a more stable and brighter future for our economy. 


With unemployment rates lower than they have been for decades, many employers are struggling to get the right calibre of candidates to fill key roles within their business. This is particularly problematic due to the imminent departure of the UK from the EU, which may have consequences for both the UK and Europe in terms of recruiting and retaining staff. Skills shortages are prevalent in the UK, Europe and internationally in specific areas, including healthcare, engineering, IT and technology. We aim to help reduce these issues by providing you with the very best quality of highly skilled and executive level candidates.

We understand your difficulties and frustrations and the worry of not being able to hire the right people into your business. If you are a recruiter or employer struggling to fill key roles within your business, this job board has been created for you! You can use easily post your jobs with us and find the very best talent out there.

Why not get in touch with us to discuss the packages we offer, and we will guarantee to find you something to suit your needs. We have worked with companies throughout the globe and we understand that every business has different needs. We want to help ensure you find the best talent to drive your business forward and we aim to give you complete peace of mind and confidence in the future of your business. We have helped hundreds of businesses fill key roles within their business and we can help you too. Talk to us today and we can discuss the best strategy to move forward. 

Job Seekers 

Are you looking for a move, but maybe not quite sure where to turn? We aim to help candidates find the very best role to suit their experience/qualifications – whether locally within the UK/Europe or overseas. With Brexit looming, we understand the uncertainty job seekers are facing when it comes to job opportunities and we aim to make the process as simple as possible. We work together with companies who are looking for highly skilled candidates (just like you!) and we help ensure the recruitment process is as straightforward as possible.

Take a look at our current vacancies, where we have opportunities throughout a wide range of sectors, including engineering, teaching, IT, healthcare and oil and gas. We are continuously updating our vacancies as we bring new businesses on board, so even if you don’t find anything suitable right now, keep looking as we tend to update on a regular basis.

You can also upload your CV or sign up for job alerts, so the right roles will look for you! If you are looking for some expert advice on your job search, take a look at our career’s advice section, where you will find general support, as well as tips about immigrating and securing a role overseas. We are here to make your journey from application to offer as simple as possible, and we can also offer expert advice on getting the most out of your job search. 

Why Choose Us? 

We believe we offer something different from other job boards. We are specific in our approach as we are focused on helping to deal with the skills gaps faced by many organisations throughout the world. Our job board is tailored to address the skills shortages faced by businesses in the UK, Europe and internationally. We truly believe we are one of a kind. Our approach is particularly relevant with the UK’s departure from the EU. We believe that this will cause additional recruitment pressures for businesses and this job board was built with this in mind.

We want to help support candidates and businesses to make the transition as smooth as possible. We strongly believe that candidates should have the freedom to work wherever they want and with our focus on delivering a quality service for both parties, we believe we can help reduce skills shortages. We only work with businesses we believe in and we help support them throughout the process. We understand the concerns faced by businesses and provide a hands-on approach to help address these difficulties.

The needs of candidates and companies is at the forefront of our strategy and we want to ensure we make the right match. As we only deal with highly skilled and executive roles, we save a lot of hassle for recruiters who often need to sift through a batch of unqualified candidates. We also want to make it easier for candidates. Candidates quite often end up applying for jobs they are overqualified for and get rejected during the recruitment process.

This is quite commonplace for candidates migrating to the UK, particularly in certain communities. We want to make the process easier for both recruiters and candidates and this job board aims to ensure you don’t waste your time. As we deal only with highly skilled and executive jobs, it is transparent for everyone. Candidates will only be applying for jobs at the right level based on their qualifications and experience and recruiters will only be screening candidates at the appropriate level.

If you choose us for your recruitment needs, you can expect a highly quality, tailored service and plenty of tips and advice, whenever you need it. If you are looking for something a little different to the usual job board you find elsewhere, you have arrived at the right place! Being unique is what we aim for and we will always deliver on our promises.

The document looks a good. Please add some paragraphs about how this job will also help recruiters to deal with the usual complaints about " too many unqualified candidates".

Also some job seekers end up with taking the jobs for which they are overqualified and are rejected during the recruitment process. We want to encourage them to use this board where they can find jobs for which they are qualified for. We hope that this job board could reduce these risks to both job seekers and recruiters.